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No Easy Props was originally founded in 1997 as a movement to inspire greatness in Hip-Hop culture, where merits are awarded based on authenticity, hard work, and skills!

No Easy Props, Inc is a 501c3 status organization committed to preserving Hip-Hop culture by providing quality Hip-Hop cultural dance, art, and music education, enrichment and entertainment for young people through engaging programs, workshops, performances, and cultural events throughout the communities of Los Angeles and Denver. The goal is the provide a platform in which to engage youth and co-partner with BIPOC communities on their own terms, to work for equity, help cultivate self-esteem, awareness and community stewardship, plus appreciation for diversity, all the while having fun!

Core Programs and Services

No Easy Props is a Hip-Hop arts based organization whose mission is to preserve Hip-Hop culture and engage and enrich underserved youth and BIPOC communities with quality Hip-Hop arts programing through HipHop101 after school program servicing 1,200 school age children annually in low socio-economic, underserved areas of Los Angeles; The LA Inner City Youth (ICY) Dance League, servicing youth living in the housing projects of Los Angeles in partnership with HACLA; The Bboy Bgirl Summit semi-annual event with 3,000 worldwide attendees (2,000 Los Angeles residents, 1,000 of which are at underserved youth); performances, workshops and classes in the Los Angeles area; workshops and performances with the Queenz of Hip-Hop that engage and teach girls and teens in the community of Colorado. No Easy Props also supports collaborative partnerships with individuals and organizations whose mission is to service youth and community and work for equity of BIPOC through the Hip-Hop arts including Hip-Hop Congress, Child of this Culture, and United Hip-Hop Vanguard, and On The Good Foot org.

Racial Equity Statement

No Easy Props is an organization that is committed to advocacy and inclusiveness of BIPOC, underserved youth and women in marginalized communities who face hardship and are under served and under represented. Hip Hop is a culture that evolved out of the forgotten ghettos created for and by Black and Brown communities due to socioeconomic stratification. We are dedicated to assist these communities through the cultural arts of Hip-Hop to achieve equity, a sense of worth, develop artistry, build physical, emotional, and mental skills to enrich life.

We do this through our HipHop101 program during and after school for school age youth, LA Inner City Dance League after school program, and our hallmark annual event Bboy Bgirl Summit. We use the platform and elements of Hip-Hop culture to bring light to important local/national/world issues and connect the tenets/values of Hip-Hop as ways to creatively address inadequacies and co-partner with communities, organizations, and leaders to work collaboratively in hopes of solving them together. We have recently changed the name from Bboy Summit to Bboy Bgirl Summit to promote equity for women in Hip-Hop and expanded the weekend events to include a full day dedicated to women in Hip-Hop, including professional development classes in business and arts, panels, performances and battles. We have partnered with LACDA and HACLA to be able to create a dance league in the housing projects. We are partnering with the United Hip-Hop Vanguard, a national network to regrow Hip-Hop in Black and Brown areas that it has been stripped and culturally appropriated from. We are partnering with the Legacy Advisors Committee for USA Breakin to ensure that underserved youth in the inner cities have access to participate in programs and events that are a pathway to a national breaking Olympic team.

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