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LA ICY Dance League

Our newest program, the LA ICY Dance League is a dance program for youth ages 7-18 residing in LACDA & HACLA housing sites to participate in, learn, and compete in the fundamental dances of Hip-Hop culture including Breaking, Popping, and Freestyle dance, trained by local professional Hip-Hop dancers from these areas, accompanied by an assistant mentee. The spirit of the LA Inner City Dance League is to encourage youth to work hard together and support one another’s growth and development, allowing for creative social expression to overcome obstacles, and be competitive not combative. We work in partnership with LACDA and HACLA resident services to conduct this program through, for benefit of the youth who live there.

Currently this program is only available online due to COVID we have not been able to start the actual dance league in the housing projects.

Currently it is every Tues/Thur 5-6pm on zoom available to all youth. It is taught by 2 instructors who are always on the zoom along with an occasional guest instructor.


  • Consistent 5 youth ages 7-12
  • Latino, Asian, and Black youth from Los Angeles

We hope to be able to start the project with the housing projects HACLA starting in winter/spring 2023.

LA ICY Dance League
July 2021-June 2022
Budget: 67,000
Funding Sources:
CAC: $15,000. YA?
CIAG: $15,000
LACDA: $15,000

FOR Youth

Asia Yu
Director, No Easy Props

This program is supported in part by a grant from the California Art’s Council 

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