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No Easy Props is a 501c3 non-profit Hip Hop arts organization. Our mission is to preserve and proliferate Hip Hop culture for community benefit and proactive youth development.

Bboy Bgirl Summit event
An annual Hip-Hop cultural arts festival that brings together multiple generations of Angelenos to take part in street dance and street art through engaging performances, interactive dance cyphers and art making projects, educational panels and workshops, with live music bands and DJs.
300 participants/ 2,500 attendees annually.

Summit Excursions is a project to document the ongoing effects of the Bboy Summit upon the Hip-Hop Community. Established in 1994 the Bboy Summit has inspired thousands of people. This project spotlights key members of our community who have been affected by the Summit.

HipHop101 Program
A during and after school visual and performance based
Hip-Hop arts program where students learn Hip-Hop street dance including: Breaking, Popping, and Hip-Hop choreography and how to make wearable street art caps and shirts.
1,000 youth participants annually

Fortify Our Rebel Youth program
Fortify Our Rebel Youth (FOR Youth) is a mentor apprenticeship student program for teens 13-19 who need support socializing to learn skills of Hip-Hop dance, art, music, fashion, tools for health and wellness, media development and content creation, financial literacy and business along with NO Excuses teen anti-violence curriculum, healthy living skills and practical application of arts development, business, and community stewardship to enhance their lives and inspire them.
150 teen program participants annually

West Coast Funk & Soul Dance Series
A series of 6 small events held annually throughout LA that uncover and detail local roots and history of soul and funk dance in a specific city location featuring local unsung dance heroes that tell their stories and share their collective experiences, creating a more cohesive understanding of street dance culture in that location, recorded and documented for future presentation and as a source of street dance documentation.
120 participants/1,200 attendees annually

West Coast Funk & Soul Professional Dance Training Program
A series of workshops taught by OG’s who helped shape the creation of street dance forms rooted in the West Coast including Locking, Strutting, Popping taught from a cultural perspective including history, terminology, tradition, fashion, and music to a new generation of street dancers.

Open Sessions
Open Sessions is a free monthly Breakin workshop taught by a community pro and an open breakin practice that happens the last Friday night of every month at Community Arts Programs Outreach center on 3rd & Fairfax.
300 participants annually

Breakin Training Camp
Free weekly coaching and training sessions for novice to expert breakers in Los Angeles of all ages.
600 participants annually

Creative Wellbeing in partnership with AHJN (Artists For Healing & Justice Network)
Creative wellbeing work for staff and system impacted youth participants of Temporary Short Term Facilities, parents/children at Family Centers, county wide arts educators, and Foster Care providers
2500 participants annually

Queenz of Hip-Hop Collective
Queenz of Hip-Hop is a multi-generational group of women in Colorado/Los Angeles who are dedicated to supporting women-led Hip-Hop initiatives including mentorship, performances, workshops, classes, events and safe spaces for women of all socio economic backgrounds to come together in solidarity.

We appreciate your 25+ years of support. With your help we can continue to empower communities through Hip Hop culture.

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