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The HipHop101 curriculum, designed for school age youth, was guided by a need to outreach into the community and take a proactive role in youth development. No Easy Prop’s HipHop101 allows for creative growth, development of motor coordination, social skills, positive self-image and respect for all cultures, all the while having fun! Our program allows for positive behavior to be reinforced by the cultural values of Hip-Hop: peace, love, unity, and having fun. This 10-week residency is designed for school age youth to learn, create, and perform the traditional dance of Bboying and Bgirling as well as the art of Hip-Hop writing. Through our interactive curriculum of Hip-Hop dance and street art, youth are mentored in performance and visual arts, which they showcase in a culminating performance.

Typically, we offer a 10 week program that occurs 2x per week for 2 hours per day servicing 2 groups of youth (age groups), 20 dates, 40 classes total.

The is a visual/performance based program with approximately 75% dance and 25% art.


We have serviced over 200 schools throughout LAUSD with this program and taught over 12,000 youth the skills of Hip-Hop dance and art culminating in a performance for their school, peers and caregivers.


      • LAsBEST partnership afterschool (40 classes per residence)
      • 4-5 residences every 3 quarters annually (Fall, Winter, Spring) total of 12-15 residences per year
      • CWSL partnership afterschool (around 7-9 sessions total per residence/class)
      • 2-3 residences per trimester with 3 trimesters total of 6-9 residences per year
      • LAUSD during school (this can vary but averages out to around 40 classes total per residence)
      • 4-6 grant funded residences during school hours per year

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