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No Easy Props has partnered with The Bboy Factory in Denver to support the Bboy/Bgirl Hip-Hop community arts scene in the Denver and surrounding areas of Colorado. Bboy Factory is a studio dedicated to Hip Hop dance and arts. It is envisioned for the community to use as a tool to elevate the level of dance in Colorado, and to develop unity both locally, and globally. This studio is a project designed to inspire and empower our youth, respect and honor our elders and their traditions, and promote a healthy and positive lifestyle within our scene and community.

The Bboy Factory is one of the premiere training facilities for the Bboy/Bgirl dance in the USA, complete with equipment, faculty, classes, practices, workshops, battles, company crew and live events that promote the cultural dance of Bboying through education and training in order to help build the most complete Bboy and Bgirl skills.

Seen as a model for cultural continuity and empowerment, The Factory strives to advocate for youth through a proactive model of community development. By sustaining strong collaborative partnerships with local grassroots organizations the Factory upholds its commitment to helping youth. The Factory acknowledges the dynamic needs of youth, and realizes how Hip-Hop culture: knowledge, wisdom and understanding, applied along with the creative arts of deejaying, emceeing, breaking (dancing), and aerosol art are creative outlets for expression.

The Bboy Factory offers programing and performances via a mobile facility along with its cultural location in north Denver that has ongoing classes, workshops, live events, store and open practices. Please visit for more information.

Bboy Factory
6401 N. Broadway
Denver, CO. 80216

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