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B-Boy B-Girl Summit 2023: Bboy Bgirl Business

No Easy Props Presents
Bboy Bgirl Summit 2023 event, Bboy Bgirl Business
July 15-16 Los Angeles, California

In homage to the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop culture celebrating the dance through the elements of Hip-Hop: breaking, rapping, deejaying, and graffiti, and knowledge to empower our communities.

We are curating a deluxe program with classic Hip-Hop themes including Pros to Proteges series focused on mentorship in Hip-Hop and life through panels, battles, and showcases highlighting the west coast Hip-Hop experience and story of Poplocking. 

Day One at Plummer Park West Hollywood will be workshops, panels, and club vibe geared towards the deejays and dancers to catch wreck in the cyphers and battles. Special guests DJ Prince Paul and Shortkut will be rocking the party along with XL Middleton and DJ Ervin Arana. We will be hosting a Bgirl 7 to Smoke invite, 3v3 Break Battle, and 2v2 Mixed Doubles M/F Popping Battle.

Day Two will be the main Hip-Hop community festival at Grand Park DTLA with EPMD,

DJ Prince Paul, Jazzy Jay, Dezzy Hollow, and Jungle Fire along with Kids Battle, Pros to Proteges Break Battle, PopLocking Showcase, Graffiti Yard, Fortify Our Rebel Youth Teen Tent, and the Red Bull Break Tent, along with vendors and food trucks.

The Bboy Summit’s 29 year history is illuminated by the rich contribution to the public’s understanding of Hip-Hop culture through both visual presentation of the elements of Hip-Hop along with educational panels that detail the transmission of Hip-Hop’s cultural heritage of Black and Brown peoples and the artforms of Bboying/Bgirling (Breaking), Popping, and Freestyle, Deejaying, Emceeing, and Graffiti art around the globe, entrenched in a deep tradition of community activism and  folk art culture roots in response to social-economic suppression and racism. Hip-Hop culture is historically rooted in social justice and we continue in solidarity as a movement, nationally and internationally as a powerful multifaceted tool and catalyst for social change.

The impact the Bboy Summit Event has had globally is insurmountable, most importantly contributing the transmission of Bboy Bgirl style of dance, as well as street dance in general to the new generation and illustrating the power of Hip-Hop culture to unite. Without an understanding of the roots and culture of Hip-Hop, the youth would not be able to expand on it, further developing the styles into futuristic trends of tomorrow.

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