November 23, 2016


The mission of No Easy Props is to preserve and promote the tradition and history of Hip-Hop culture. Through the platform of the arts, No Easy Props is able to provide an understanding and appreciation of the cultural dance of Hip-Hop called, Bboying/Bgirling, and the art called Hip-Hop writing. This 10-week residency is designed for young people to learn, create and perform the traditional dance of Bboying and Bgirling and art of Hip-Hop writing. No Easy Props will take the students on a journey into the culture of Hip-Hop, sharing the spirit and traditions of what has shaped current popular youth culture in America and spread across the globe. No Easy Props is dedicated to providing quality and inspiring educational dance and art workshops to children of all ages.

Program Objectives

  • Provide quality and educational workshops
  • Engage youth physically for aerobic, cardiovascular benefits
  • Promote confidence and self expression
  • Inspire imaginative thought
  • Provide an understanding and appreciation of culture

Student Benefits

  • Through active participation in traditional dance and art, students learn important ways to communicate ideas, thoughts and values.
  • Enhanced motor coordination, increased rhythmic ability, muscular development
  • Participation in multicultural performances and workshops teaches students to recognize and describe how dance and art reflects culture and history.
  • Performing workshops develop leadership skills.

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