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Nov 20-21, 2021

Day 1 Sat:
Kaos Network
4343 Leimert Blvd.

Day 2 Sun:

Chuco’s Justice Center
7625 S Central Ave

Our objective is to hold space for BIPOC peoples to discuss and illustrate how Hip-Hop culture unifies the races authentically while uplifting people of color positionally to experience self-determination. Hip-Hop culture created by Black and Brown people in NYC has continued to be a creative community pathway to racial unity. We will focus on the street dance element of Hip-Hop: Breakin, Popping, Locking, and new styles to illustrate culture, freedom, empowerment, and unity through the lens of the dance.


Poplocking & Breakin Workshops
LA Bopping Crew & TBA

Panel Discussion with:
LA Boppin Crew ~ Zulu Gremlin ~ Vluv & Kraig E of the Soul Brothers ~ King Kotee ~ Nonstop ~Lil Cesar
Wonda ~ Isheh ~ Pebblz

Performances by:
LA Boppin Crew ~ Funny Bones Crew ~ TheGetOff
2vs2 Battle 1 Popper + 1 Breaker

Venum ~ Lil Cesar ~ Jeckle

Music by:
Kid Enzo Music ~ Frankie Flave ~ Roxswift

Gillotine ~ Devious

BurstRoc 27 Junkies Tacos


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