November 23, 2016


No Easy Props (NEP), est. in 1997 as a movement to set standards of excellence within Hip-Hop.

No Easy Props is one of the first full service Hip-Hop production companies. The name significance means earning your respect through your skill, hard work and dedication. NEP has manifested into a full-blown production agency, producing the annual lifestyle event Bboy Summit each year, co-producing events, marketing and promotions, artwork, producing lifestyle related DVDs, CDs and clothing, consulting, referring/booking artists, staging, choreographing, facilitating master workshops, youth education and teaching, and performing as a company.

In addition, No Easy Props is currently performing a new piece entitled “No Easy Props Hip-Hop 101?, the story of how Hip-Hop was born and how it has matured in a timeline sequence. In this 30 minute presentation No Easy Props dancers will take the audience thru a journey of dance and music culture incorporating routines, solos and battles, interwoven with thematic music and storytelling culminating with a current take on what these dance forms look like now for the new generation. No Easy Props has a full faculty of Hip-Hop Dancers (Bboys/Bgirls, Poppers, Strutters, Lockers, Choreography style) available for large and small performance needs. Let us blow up your party/event, complete your program, and embellish your show with aerodynamic dance styles that spin, flip and freeze with attitude and finesse. Deejays and emcees and graffiti writers are also on deck to complete the cipher. We have many entertainment options available for your promotional needs: club style performance to get your party started!, industrial/trade show entertainment, corporate parties, city/government sponsored events.

NEP and has worked with companies like Tylenol, Red Bull, Nike, LRG, Reebok, Vitamin Water, Tribal Street wear, Mixwell USA, video and film directors/producers to add creative direction and authenticity to projects. No Easy Props is available to give consultation for Hip-Hop related lifestyle projects, campaigns, commercial and film, and workshops. Recently NEP has opened No Easy Props Europe, established in Europe, based in Switzerland, No Easy Props Europe is in effect as a full service production office, booking and managing major Hip-Hop dance tours in Europe, managing artists, producing int’l Hip-Hop events, manufacturing and distributing lifestyle DVDs, CDs, and clothing.