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NEP Event x CAPO Center

Break like a (B)girl

March Sat. Mar 26

CAPO 7946 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Time: 1-6pm

To kick of Women’s Appreciation Month we thought we would  spotlight Bgirls. So often Bgirls are an afterthought, disregarded, sidelined, trivialized, tokenized and even harassed sometimes. People tend to think Bgirls will never be as good as Bboys. I think we have turned a corner though and now we see Bgirls on the same level as Bboys. As subjective as our dance is, we can now see that Bgirls are developing skill levels that are equal to that of their male counterparts.

Lets us come in the cypher and bare witness and support Bgirls!

Panel: Lets talk about it: Women in Breakin featuring:

Jeskilz ~ Crissy B ~ Sel

Battles will be qualifiers for Bboy Bgirl Summit!

-1v1 Bgirl qualifier $300

-1v1 Bboy qualifier $200

-Kids battle $100 + trophy and candy


Crissy B ~ Jeskilz ~ Wonda


TiffStarr ~ Ervin Arana


1pm Cypher

2-2:30 Kids Battle

2:30-3: Cypher

3-3:30 Bgirl Prelims & Battles

3:30-4: Cypher

4-4:30: Bboy Prelims

4:30-5: Cypher

5-5:20: Bboy Battles

5:25-5:45: Panel

5:45-5:50: Special Awards

5:50-6:10pm: Finals

For questions or call 310-402-4519

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